Don't make the wrong resolutions

We will no longer remain passive. We should stand up against terrorism once and for all. Enough is enough

I say no to getting used to terrorism

Too many similar resolutions being made by people all around. And my take is that they are all the wrong ones.

This incident of unimaginable proportions came about because of our acceptance of mediocrity everywhere in our country. We are ok with mediocre politicians, mediocre bureaucrats, mediocre sportspeople, mediocre (rather pathetic) standard of education, mediocre (rather pathetic) police and intelligence. The whole country is just a immense celebration of mediocrity. Questioning mediocrity, on the other hand, is considered the act of a traitor.

If a person dies, he is a martyr and automatically a hero (like this time). No matter if there is a possibility of incompetency which could have caused the death. Just mere questioning of the circumstances of death can get you lynched. That is the mediocre level of pitiful mediocre nationalism that things have come down to.

Instead of terrorism, why can’t we instead say no to “mediocrity”?

Why can’t we stop being passive about the sheer incompetence of the government in every sphere - not just terrorism, which is but the flavor of the day?

Why don’t we ever say - “Enough is enough! I am tired of being passive about the pitiful state of roads and drainage every year”?

Why don’t we ever say - “I am tired of parochialism and irrelevant issues raised by politicians”?

Why don’t we get angry about the state of our education? Every year, lakhs pass out of schools and colleges, after having spent years studying in a seriously lacking system. But so few of them, resolve that - “Enough is enough. That is not how school/college should be. That can be better”.

Security/anti-terrorism measures don’t exist in a vacuum. How can we demand excellence from our police and intelligence, when all around them mediocrity is what defines their environment. Whether it is mediocre politicians, mediocre bureaucrats, or a mediocre and unjust work environment.

None of all these resolutions is going to make a difference to our internal security. If anything, ham handed security experts and politicians will only make life worse for all of us, and we, being used to our pathetic existence at their hands, will just accept our even more humiliating daily lives - the one which involves more symbolic security checks everywhere and effectively no additional increase in our security.

It is clear what we really need to resolve. We should resolve that we should demand excellence from everybody out there - the police, the politician, the bureaucrat … and even each other and oneself! It is only in such an environment where excellence is but a normal expectation, can our security forces be effective. Otherwise, all these resolutions are a load of ***.

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