Making this blog more general in nature

When I initially started this blog, my intention was to separate my rants against the religious-political situation in the country, from my tech related blogs. It was the time before elections, and a time with a lot of rabble rousing going around the country. A new government is in place now. It has been almost an year since the pub attacks in Mangalore, the new government which, while not right-leaning has started showing its own seedy side. Most probably this comes from the lack of insecurity that has plagued coalition governments in the past decade or so.

Nevertheless, much has happened with me as well over time. While socio-political issues still interest me, I am lesser and lesser worked up by issues nowadays. One can call it being more cynic, or simply growing older, or even growing “wiser”. Or it could be because of the various other interests which let me let off some steam. Perhaps it has got a lot to do with family issues that I have been going through over the last few months, which while being very relevant to the topic of this blog, is something one would like to keep to themselves as much as one can.

So, if I keep this blog relevant to its original purpose, it would hardly see any activity from my side. Given that, I think it is best that I devote this blog to whatever topics which don’t fit my other two blogs - the tech oriented and the food oriented In other words, this would be a sort of catch-all for all non-tech and non-food posts that I have.

I have a lot of trash to dish out. So be aware! :-P

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