The fallacy of being in an advanced time

They call the past years as more primitive, and the present as modern, a more advanced time. But am curious, exactly which aspect of your life is getting better with time?

Is it about you getting to buy newer more advanced gadgets? But going through more and more powercuts which make it impossible to use any of these?

Is it about getting to buy a more powerful car? And then getting it stuck in worsening traffic?

Or the current generation getting more advanced education? And getting into a worsening job market and worsening competion in qualifying examinations?

Or getting more advanced medical procedures? And newer fatal lifestyle diseases creeping up to younger and younger people?

Or maybe it is about getting to buy better houses? With reality prices shooting up faster than your income, and regardless of the taxes that you pay an incompetent government unable to give you the basics like water, good roads, power?

So again. which aspect of your life is getting better with time, really, to call it advanced? Or am I at fault for being overtly pessimistic and refusing to board the train of optimism about our future?

Or … am I getting old? And grumpy? ;)

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